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02-04-2010, 11:00 PM
As far as exposes holding you in place, I suspect that was fixed with the most recent patch. I was able to move A LOT more today while exposed than I have been over the past few days. Most of the time I was able to move away and seek cover while exposed.

I agree that expendables should have a longer cooldown. The way they are now, you can really abuse them in a fight. I know I can use a stack of 5-10 in one match if I have them on hand.

I would be interested in testing the weapon damage changes you suggest on a test shard, but I am skeptical about the whole thing. I think the special attacks might feel a bit lackluster if we had higher regular damage. Like I said though, I would be totally for testing these changes out on a test shard.

Also agree with you on the rifle melee changes. It wither needs to just be a knockdown or it needs a cooldown of about 6-7 seconds.