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02-04-2010, 11:07 PM
I'm sort of against putting a cooldown on the rifle melee spam. If it had a 7 second cooldown, well, what if you missed? I'd rather see it stay spammable but just not do any holds or exposes. (Martial arts and bat'leths I would keep as-is. Since you're giving up a ranged weapon slot, having a chance to expose makes more sense in those cases.)

It's also possible that if we fixed the shield recharge problem and increased the consumable cooldown there might not be any need to increase regular shot damage.

I'm just thinking that as it stands, regular shots are almost a waste of time in PvP.

You can buy those hypos, by the way. Mediums are 160 energy credits each. I buy them by the truckload. There have been matches where I've gone through 20 of them. I'm usually one of the highest rated "healers" and it's all from hypos. While it would literally kill me, we should probably double the current cooldown and see how that goes.