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If it wasn't for the fact that this game is 80% space combat (or so it seems so far) this would be a game breaker.

I can't change or customize my uniform. And I'm not just talking about not be able to switch out of the uniform i chose when i selected my character, I can't switch from a uniform that the game arbitrarily gave to me.

I was fine until i got to the Earth Spacedock. It was at that time my character appeared in this ugly blue and red spandex. So I figure," This is a new game, ill just go change it back." So I go to the customize uniform guy and what do i see? Im in the uniform that I want. So i figure its a TOS Uniform problem. I try it again just so I can give the bug report some substance and here are some details:

-I get this error every so often as soon as I enter the Customize Uniform screen: Costume validation for player error: Name:Buk, BoneStm_Uniformmupper, Geo M_Uniform_Tos_01, hGeoDef is restricted, failed costume restriction check

-I reenter my Steam deluxe download key (which gives access to TOS Uniforms) and it says its already in use by me.

- When I click "Hide Equipment" the Uniform goes away and Im in the red and blue spandex, which is what I show up in on the ground.

-When i click "show equipment" the uniform i want is there but after i "purchase" Im still in the spandex.

- I treid other uniforms but none work: every time I leave the "cutomize uniform" screen Im in the same blue and red spandex super hero suit.

- the customize uniform guy charges me everytime I try to change. Its getting expensive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks