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02-04-2010, 11:20 PM
I was doing PvP in all PuGs earlier today and winning every match as a Fed in T3.

All it takes is teamwork and gettign folks to actually join the team in pvp. trouble is, many folks, especially on Fed side, set their LFG mode to "Do not accept invites" instead of Accept Invites, because many, incorrectly think that's the only setting that blocks the auto-teaming in some PvE missions.

In any case if someone takes the lead in the PuGs and can get the others to listen, you can be just as effective as those pre-made teams, even if they have voice chat. All it takes is paying attention to what's going on, and everyone targeting 1 friendly before the fight starts so when he/she targets and enemy, you all do to, automatically, as soon as you fire.