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02-04-2010, 11:24 PM
Sounds like you are flying an escort? My takes, in a science vessel:

Originally Posted by ajac09

Get behind them use up their shield energy with your energy weapons then taken out with photons they are less armed to the ass
Target auxiliary, move away, turning from side to side to spread damage and using the rear torpedo launcher. When 2 shields are down jam their sensors and turn towards them, using HYTorpedo skill (at point blank range if using a plasma launcher). If necessary, fly over them then turn back and torpedo again until cooked.

Originally Posted by ajac09
Deadly in groups when you encouter the 3 or more take one out asap and break the rest apart so they concentrate on several shields not just one.
Target shields, then pull the closest and move away, using a zig zag path and rear torpedo. Once one is down, turn towards and tackle the rest.

Originally Posted by ajac09
NEVER broadside with one you will loose. Go for a front or back shot. Use torps to wear down shields and to finish them off.
Target auxiliary and stay above and towards their rear. With Aux down they cannot turn much at all. As they have more/better shields, the Target skills refresh so then I target shields, then apply liberal doses of forward then rear torpedo once shields are down.

I use these tactics because the AI always wants to get on your rear axis whenever they can. So, I either let them and use that to my advantage or prevent them from doing so.