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02-04-2010, 11:28 PM
Complaining about Viral Matrix is silly, as it is already too easily countered by an Ensign level ability that is available to every single ship in the game - even in T1.

Try doing something more than feverishly mashing your dps hotkeys and Viral Matrix shouldn't be that much of an issue. Sure, you might get killed by it in bad PUG groups that don't help you out, but in such a case you'd probably lose anyway - with or without Viral Matrix.

Like I've been telling people since beta, and as has already been posted in this thread - blindly using Science Team I on yourself every time it's available, which takes absolutely no finesse or skill whatsoever, will make you immune to VM for 2/3 of the match. If you're a Klingon, just pop it on yourself as you come out of cloak to start your attack run. In organized groups, you can always rely on other people to remove VM from you; and since that removal is, 1) Incredibly easy, 2) Has virtually no opportunity cost, and 3) Provides other benefits on top of removing VM, every single organized PvP group in the game (at T3 and beyond) will have multiple Science Teams available.

If they're going to actually make it possible to Science Team yourself out of the only space-based crowd control in the game, Viral Matrix will become utterly worthless (I have yet to see anything approaching a "need" for it in PvE).

Viral Matrix is one of those things that, if there was a competitive ladder system for PvP, would only be complained about in the lowest brackets; everyone with enough individual ability and/or teamwork would be able to handle it within the current game mechanics.