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02-05-2010, 01:36 AM
Originally Posted by KunouDan78
*twitches* I...I could have my crafting joy back? No...must be more spending hours on end assembling just the right set of resources, then components, then putting together awesome weapons...and putting them on the AH at low prices to tick off the other crafters... XD

Yeah, I NEVER put things up for inflated prices. I was almost pure crafting..only had the basic pistoleer skill so I could defend myself with my pre-nerf Republic Blaster I know, the one that didn't have any level requirements on it. *chuckles* Since I supplied all my own resources, pieces, factories, etc., it didn't really cost me anything but maintenance to craft why should I charge through the nose?

Now, if STO could have a crafting system that was that much fun...*sighs*

But I digress. Yup, I got one of those emails as well, but since my house and thusly all my resource caches and other equipment would now be gone after they started wiping those...not much point of even coming back just to look around.

Besides, I've got Klingons to blast into subatomic particles! XD

ahh give it time, who noes from now, maybe theyll be some expansion later on where crafting will be added in, who noes. Just look forward to the future in sto