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I expect everyone at Cryptic is hard at it trying to bring the true Trek experience to STO, and that is going to pay off for them in the end, as they see the many fans that subscribe to STO

I also think they realize that the diehard fans will not let them work diligently and peacfully without keeping us updated on a regular basis.

Most any tidbits of information on the project and it's progress will keep most of us folks happy.
Prior to Cryptic for a couple of years.....nothing, as to the progress, so this is candy to the sweet tooth.

The vast majority of us have been waiting for this for so long, that to a certain extent, it's kind of hard to beleive that it is actually going to happen.

We tend to get overbearing or starved for information on what by now all of my friends and I have deemed as OUR game. So as you can see some can get territorial when it comes to this franchise.

Thanks for the updates and reassurances