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02-05-2010, 01:24 AM
I myself bought the gamestop version specifically for the Connie. I never saw any other offers from any other companies that included a Constitution class. Not saying it didnt happen, just saying I never saw it, and I checked around (checked steam, amazon, atari etc ), since I generally prefer not to buy from Gamestop.

I wish cryptic and all involved would have made finding the bonus items a tad easier, and more intuitive. I dont look for my free bonus items in the store menu normally. Nor do i expect the bonus ship to end up in my inventory. (I looked at the shipyard selection menu first, and of course it was in my backpack)

Of course gamestop included absolutely no instructions with the download link (digital deluxe version). So no one had any idea unless you happened to go back the gamestop website and scroll down and notice they changed the advertisement to mention "look in the c-store". Bah.