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02-05-2010, 01:32 AM
Originally Posted by RiVenix View Post
I've gone back to Atari's site and understand that the ship is not listed in the description.(curently)

Beleive me when I say that in January when I ordered it, Atari did indeed have it listed in the description, I compared it and the other 10 places to preoder and the bonuses that came with it. It was listed in the general discription and all the other extras where listed off below. I think who ever did the website info got mixed up on what they offerd and changed it later to reflect the proper info.

Be that as it may or may not be, it could be the reason for others having the same problem with their Atari preorder's by expecting things they thought were in the preorder.

The only solution is to overlook this rather I'm right or wrong and pick up another Digital key from a retailer and stack over the items I have to gain that ship.

Thanks guys, I hope this helps some other peoiple.
To overcome this go to your nearest EB-games or GameStop and see if they by chance have any game boxes left on the shelves that show the connie ship in the upper left-hand corner of the box.

That will be the only way to assure yourself that you will get the connie.

I checked the website and the DDE on the GameStop page does not list the connie as a bonus since that was a preorder item.