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Okay, so far I'm really enjoying the game, but there are some things that just keep annoying the heck out of me with the UI.

First, I'll start with something small. The Remote Contacts. When speaking to a specific remote contact, at the bottom there is only an Exit option, so meaning if there was another contact you wanted to speak to, you then have to click on the Hail button again and select the contact, and I don't know how many times I've ended up selecting the same one by mistake, having to do it ALL over yet again.
Solution: Add an option on the bottom to go back to the Remote Contacts list.

Remote Contacts UI <- A side by side comparison of what I mean.

Second, the Warp Core UI. This is harder than HELL to customize if you wanted to. It only goes in increments of 5 and you need a very steady hand to do this. The first view is nice, the second view is useless and looks like the third view in which you can tweak it to your liking. Downside, this UI window to tweak it is very small and sluggish when trying to customize it. Perhaps just sticking to the first view and just added a lock/unlock button and then you can click on any of the four fields and type in the amount of power that you wanted to put in. Or at least something like that where you can manually type in the amount. The clicking and dragging of the third view just sucks!

Third, The Skills UI. Just a minor beef with this and it's explained in the following screenshot with the second link being a modification of that screenshot which I think is better.

Original Skills UI
Modified Skills UI
<- Note the addition of rank for the BOFF.

Finally, my biggest beef, and I'm sure this is annoying as hell for others too, is the Weapons Tray UI. In the first two views, you see pics of your BOFFs and what special abilities they have to offer. This part I like. In the first view you only have 1 row of 8 Abilites shown, and just like the first view, the second one gives you 2 rows of 8 Abilities. Sure, there is a little icon to the left of these rows where you can select from 10 different rows, but here is part one of my beef. In the third view you cannot see your BOFFs and you have 3 rows of 10. Why doesn't the first two views have row(s) of 10? now for part two of my beef with this. When hitting P, you then get a window of Available Abilities that you can click and drag to your Weapons UI Tray, but if you make a mistake of where you want to put one, you can't remove it from the Weapons Tray at all! You can only drag a new one over the one you had placed there! Another beef with the Available Abilities window, the Abilities are only shown in Alphabetical Order, I wish that the Devs would add the ability for us to put them in a different order, say like offensive to defencive order.