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09-08-2008, 05:59 PM
Good to meet you Al, I'm sure you'll do just fine.

I did have a question, and this is general anyone with knowledge and experience may answer it, I would like to get in the game industry... I have since I was a kid but I'm taking a not so traditional route, and I wanted to make sure there is possability before I get to set on the route I'm going.

I tryed the whole art school thing, you know the ones that say "get your dagree in game design", and while I was there they trained me in Photo Shop, 3D studio max and all that stuff but I never finished and moved on to a traditional 4-year college due to wanting a dagree that could evolve into a masters (the art school known as AI - Art Institute wasn't a recognized school when it came to academics).

Since then I've been honing my skills as a writer (with a dire dependency on spell check hehe) but I've had a few friends and family members read my stuff and they like it a lot. So I decided to get a dagree in English at a college next to my house (CSUCI - California State University of Channel Islands), my goal is to become a writer, I do understand its an uphill battle and not everyone makes it, so I'm looking for the "bread and butter" job, you know something to put money in my pocket and food on the table untill I actualy break through as a writer (if should be the prefered term, I realy do understand that not everyone can make a living off of just publishing books).

So to get to the bulk of the question, is there any need for writers in the game industry?

I ask only because the article about Al, had a section about "how to become" a game designer or creater and I figured with that tied into this thread I might just toss out the question.