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09-08-2008, 07:29 PM
Q: What part of Star Trek Online are you the most excited about working on?
A: Space combat. I am a combat system designer at heart, and I am very excited about the system we have worked out for space combat. Space combat is nothing like typical MMO combat, nor is it a dogfighter. It is deeply tactical, strategic and 100 percent Trek. Shield facing, turn rates, weapon firing arcs, power transfers, bridge officer skills, ship configurations and damage control are all things you will need to manage. We also are working on mechanics for different levels of automation if you want a simpler experience (put some weapons on auto fire, power level presets, that sort of thing).
Oh my god that might be the single best news I've heard so far. This makes me so ridiculously happy, as that has been one of the most recent discussions I've been having. I'm so glad to hear combat will be dynamic and a thinking man's game, rather than the mediocre basic point and click bash 'em ups the industry likes to spew out.
Al, ST:O is gonna come out wonderful if it's in your capable hands. I have faith that you'll put out a game that will be deserving of the series and of us fans. Thank you.