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The following is a full proof strat for dealing with the crystalline entity. it will work every time regardless of numbers. I hope you're all paying attension, it's very complex.

Get to 9km.
Fire all weapons.
Put all power to engines.
Fly in circles.

I'm dead serious this boss does not need a nerfing at all. This boss is pathetically easy, you just have to look at it from a raid boss standpoint. From one who played WoW this thing is pathetic and the fact that people are QQing makes me sad because Cryptic is going to think STO players wont be able to handle real raids later on and will hit the whole game with a nerf bat again.

Here's a detailed explanation of what this boss does:
Phase 1 (60-100%) boss will shoot lasers that an escort probably can't take. Best to duck in and out of 10k with your finger on the jam sensors button if you have aggo. a good cruiser should be able to eat that laser all day. Also shards will come out, see above strat. If a shard hits any ship they will take 5-7k hull damage and heal the entity for a negligable amount.

Phase 2 (60-30%) more shards, no lasers, see above strat.

Phase 3 (0-30%) Large shards spawn. If a large shard hits a ship or a mine it turns into three small shards which will return to the boss and heal it for about 1.5% health per shard. Recommended countermeasure... see above strat.

This thing is a push over, a peice of cake, anyone can solo it if the game would let you. Orbit at 9km and it literally can't touch you provided you can eat the lasers. Please stop complaining about it being too hard or needing a nerfing, it's fine.

Orbit at 9km and pew pew. If you cannot or choose not to perform these functions, please inform your flight attendant and you will be reseated.