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02-05-2010, 03:17 AM
Thanks for responding

I agree that there is a lack of content, but these basic elements pretty much ruin any balance they could try to get into the game. Which ever side spawns with 5 player and the other side gets a single unit, it becomes a slaughter. And to a certain degree, since the death penalties are non existant, I guess I can suck up my pride and let them chase me around. But in the end, when they are like "we just PwNd" you, and it is an out lie, that gets to me. They don't get the right to gloat if they didn't earn it.

Although one match today, only one Klingy spawned and we made an arrangement to wait till she had backup. While we waited, we did a little one on one versus her, and each didn't assist. It was interesting to see something like this happen. But just as it was on the 3rd round the Klingys got reinforcements so the spar had to end. But that is about as close to honor as I have seen from their side so far ;(

This HAS to be fixed... if these two things are fixed, the complaining will go down about stun weapons. When you spawn into an instance into a group of camping Klingys and die before you can click the intro text off the screen, it does kill you mood.