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02-05-2010, 04:48 AM
Originally Posted by Losobal
I can see the benefit of a ranking system eventually, though I'd prefer if it wasn't like the one WoW had where past a certain ranking you had to fight constantly every day just to keep around the same level, and maybe get a little higher. Though it was kinda cool to see who the super death warmaster was each particular week, the initial way they had it linked to pvp gear was terrible.
No, not the WoW grindgearfest. Not linked to gear. Kind of like **** had it.

Originally Posted by Dagon01 View Post
As long as there is no meaningfull open RvR the tournamentstyle will be in the focus. Make the scenarios a sideshow and not the mainreason to play and it will be fine. It works for WAR.
I'm now in T4 and played my Klingonfaction Char more or less solo all the time. I'd like to have a premade but i'm still looking around to figure out what fleets there are and what people the players are.

As long there is a chance that premades can fight pug's it will lead to qq ing on the forums and unsatisfied premade players looking for a challange (again, see WAR).

The best thing would be to make solo and groupqueing not compatible. If you que solo you will play against other soloplayers and if you que in a group you will fight against other groups.
I'm all for expanded RvR content that has meaning in STO. I'd rather have that than tournaments. Tournaments was just an idea.

I'm also for dueling, which is 1v1 or solo as you speak of it (if I understand you correctly). It also helps to test things out with a friend. I'm not quite sure how well a solo tactical escort would do against an engineer or solo science cruiser though. But if people want to duel, sure. They should have it.

I suggested the ranking system so better players can optionally fight better players, and weaker players can optionally fight weaker players. Weak here doesn't mean feebleminded. I wouldn't PvP against a superstar. It would be pointless. And players who aren't that good would stop crying for nerfs and play against people of their own skill level. No reason for the average player to play tennis against a pro.

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