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I'm just wondering if there are people here that think that the combat gets too fast after a while? I'm now in T4 and one thing seems to occur all the time. Whenever there is a gap in defensive abillities the fight is over really quick for one side or another.

The fights are a combination of rather slow maneuvering and quick reaction when using skills and targeting (compared to other MMO's). When i think of spacship(ship) combat it has something to do with long epic tactical fights. in T1 to T3 this is partly the case, even when focused. In T4 the reactiontime is quite short.

I'm able to deal with it, but it makes the fights more like a reationtest and not a matter of tactics and thinking (at least when both balls are entangeld in each other and shooting).

Just a thought i had. Would like to see your thoughts about this.