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02-05-2010, 04:02 AM
Originally Posted by landerfha View Post
So I'm sitting there at that borg war zone killing stuff, getting drops and leveling. All the sudden I hear a weird sound and look over to see some orange thing drifting at me firing green turds. I have no shields obviously since I'm fighting the tac cube. I figure well I'm going to die, except I didn't. This guy was tier 2 just like me hammering away at my hull while I'm tanking the tac and he just can't kill me. Eventually I just fly away.

Later on in this area some bugs lead to the feds spawning on the klingon side and one of the feds would always spawn as an enemy. It would take the concentrated fire of 10 ships over a long period to kill these single feds.

Again, same area, I was flying around the outskirts of the borg-ball and of course stumbled into about 3 groups of klingons cloaked at the map corners. Despite me running to the next group of hidden klingons in a progressively weakened state not once were they able to bring my shields down. I just shift power to speed and use evasive maneuvers. At one point I stopped to fight but that was a stale mate. I can't turn to fight in this cruiser but they can't kill me either. Eventually I just switched instances to be rid of the nuisance.

It just seems to me that having everyone be so impossibly hard to kill makes PVP pointless.

PvP is ment to be played in a TEAM.