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02-05-2010, 04:06 AM
Originally Posted by tedgp123 View Post
That is called artifacting. Usually caused by your gpu being too hot. Try enabling vsync in your ingame options, and type ingame /maxfps 40.

Also, on your launcher options, under advanced command line, enter "-perframesleep 10" without the quotes.
This command lessens the load on your GPU. If those dont work, post back with your dxdiag log
Screen tearing is caused by VSYNC not what was show in the picture. Turning on VSYNC will just sync refresh rates and limit the framerate to vertical.

Those are polygons not rendering properly. I'd guess shader issue but also an effect of heat strain on failing GPU. I'd guess shader issue since that card is only running shader 2.0 I beleive this game requires Shader 3.0

What exactly does -perframesleep 10 do and do you have any command or console commands to control rendering variables? Is there a list of commands I can find somewhere?