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02-05-2010, 04:26 AM
Originally Posted by macallen View Post
I have done extensive testing with tribbles in my fleet (we have had 100's at one point). Here's my observations:

- They do not breed in the fleet bank, no matter how hard we've tried.
- They do breed on your belt, if both food and a tribble are on the belt.
- They do not like Klingon food. I put 5 tribbles with a stack of gagh in my bag and after a full day I had 5 tribbles.
- They do however *LOVE* Quadritricale. I put 5 tribbles in my bag with a stack of 5 quad and within 15 men I had 15 tribbles.
- They dislike Klingon bridge officers and scream everytime the BO brings them out.

Love the FAQ, thanks for posting it
Beeskee mentioned having them breed while equipped on his belt in beta, I have also had this happen. It was either the last day of headstart or first day of launch.