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02-05-2010, 05:32 AM
Yeah, it is nice to be able to communicate to the zone and both sides can hear it. Although, they need to add another channel called Faction, so that lets say you zoned into a pvp with with a group of you and two friends. You find some others but they are also in their own team. There is no way to tell the other team anything without globally telling them, and when the enemy knows you plans it defeats the point. The only way around this would be to spawn in with an already full group I suppose, but not every gets the luxury all the time.

And I understand, it is a work in progress, trust me I know about launch problems, heh. I just would have thought that these 2 concepts I mentioned would have been one of the elements they put into the game since day one. It is one of the reasons I have to make this an issue, as I don't understand how games make all these mistakes, if only they would have hired me instead

And I guess it's okay enough to make it till a patch is released to fix it, assuming they know this is a problem? This is the only thread i have found addressing this issue, unless someone else has a link? But if they are going to fix it, then good. And although the mechanics work in the sense that, yes the game does indeed drop you into a room with MAYBE some teammates and LIKELY an outnumbered pre-ready squad of opponents waiting. I just wish that it was a little more even with that matchups.

My theories are that some of the other players dropped out during the timer cycle and so you get shorted some people. Another thing is if you have a team at all, you will go in with that team at least. So the fuller your team the better off you are at least. So, between those two things, the game being forced to use an existing team size along with maybe some people dropping out can cause this. And lastly, how fast you join when the Que countdown starts happening is how fast you are going into the match. So if wait until you have only a few seconds left, much action has already happened before you go in there yourself.