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02-05-2010, 04:39 AM
Originally Posted by Bloodlance View Post
would also mean that Fed que time would go up from 40mins to 80mins ++++
Originally Posted by Dagon01 View Post
Maybe than we would have more players playing Klingons, making us more interesting as a playergroup for the Devs.
Okay, I guess i don't understand what

"Originally Posted by Dagon01
The best thing would be to make solo and groupqueing not compatible. If you que solo you will play against other soloplayers and if you que in a group you will fight against other groups."

means. Would someone clarify this, please? Thanks.

I was speaking about dueling which I hear Cryptic is planning on Andoria. Dueling is a good way to practice maneuvering in space, and I guess on ground as well.

Originally Posted by Ragnek View Post
Anything that brings some kind of meaning to PvP is considered good in my book. I started a thread in OB suggesting some way of comparing fleets, and promoting competition between them, even if it was just a 'queue fleet' button on the PvP and a win:loss stat available on the Fleet description page. The thred was over looked and ignored - as people considered there were bigger issues than the fleets at the time (which is fair), however, people stay subbed in games due to the friends and bonds they make, best way to encourage these bonds is to encourage fleet participation, and best way to do that is to entice fleets to form and compete against eachother.

Meaningless PvP gets boring very quickly. That can't be a good thing for subscription retention.