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02-05-2010, 05:08 AM
Originally Posted by Wheem View Post
More of this trite nonsense; people throwing around a goofy term that simply means "staying together" as some sort of flimsy insult. What would you suggest, oh master of tactics? That we spread out and give you five separate 5v1 battles?

Decent Klingon teams stick together.
Decent Federation teams stick together.
It's PvP 101, find something else to cry about.
I agree with your part at the end there. However, in a post I made in the combat forum, there are two problems.

1- Add a Spawn/Setup Timer

2-The Game can't count (don't spawn in ONE guy against 5 guys that are sitting at the respawn point)

It it that simple. If one team gets into the match and groups up first, the other team is screwed. They won't be able to gather to even stand a chance. And it becomes several 5 vs 1 match, instead of a team deathmatch. In fact, which ever side gets their team all into the match first, WINS! And then since they won due to getting into the match first they gloat unjustifiably.

I will chalk it up and die a few times by being tossed into situations like that. But when they want to trash talk afterwards, it makes me laugh, because they REALLY think it was only skill that allowed them to win.