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02-05-2010, 06:08 AM
Originally Posted by Christopher Lloyd
Okay, I guess i don't understand what

"Originally Posted by Dagon01
The best thing would be to make solo and groupqueing not compatible. If you que solo you will play against other soloplayers and if you que in a group you will fight against other groups."

means. Would someone clarify this, please? Thanks.

I was speaking about dueling which I hear Cryptic is planning on Andoria. Dueling is a good way to practice maneuvering in space, and I guess on ground as well.

Meaningless PvP gets boring very quickly. That can't be a good thing for subscription retention.

I meant that curently solo queing leads to PUG's. So making a seperate quesystem for PUG's and one for premades (the ones queing as a group). could be an easy sollution for now.