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02-05-2010, 05:09 AM
welcome to the knights templar (KT) fleet thread.

we are a casual, +21, fed fleet.

who are we? well, we've listened to journey, the turtles, pink floyd, and even wayne newton! we've seen star trek V (yes, it really did happen), tron, north by northwest, and something like the matrix. we've read emmerson, paliniuk, dante, and stan lee. we've played civ1, sc2000, and DAO. we span different time zones from oceania to england to washington. men and women, ages ranging from 20-68...and we all enjoy playing STO as a close-knit fleet.

have a look around, get to know the people. let us know if you'd be interested in joining.

here are some quick links.

Fleet's website: Knights Templar Homepage
STO Geekipedia: Knights Templar Page

in game, you can get the attention of these folks for more info on the fleet:
@coco_jones - fleet leader
@jaywrong - founder (/w awesome hair)
(more leadership contacts coming soon)

for our history, read below!