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02-05-2010, 05:33 AM
Originally Posted by Belfore View Post
Yes thats a good idea. Talking of that I wonder if Cryptic intend to introduce an add in system for the interface? that would allow them to own the IP of any good ones and include them into the official patches.
While I know many people like them, i am a staunch opponent to add-ons. They usually become crutches that too many gamers rely upon. There are so many hassels that are opened with MMOs when it comes to third-party add-ons. If it's something by the dev team themselves, fine, but that's not really an add-on.

Beyond the general issues, they clash with the game's code often and then you have the ever popular "If you want to play with us you MUST have <blank> add-on". Coordination becomes really annoying.