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02-05-2010, 06:40 AM
Short term

> Hide (holster) weapons by default when entering a starbase, bridge or social planet (Risa, Vulcan, Andoria)
> Let us toggle the visibilty of our officer kits

Mid term

> More variety in exploration missions (genesis content) beyond either shoot everything in sight or press "F" 5 times
> More episodes in each level bracket
> Civilian clothing, I shouldn't have to wear my uniform while on shore leave.
> Enhance the ship interior (e.g. Ten Forward, Ready room should be available)
> Missions taking place on your ship (e.g. being boarded by Borg or Romulans, crew contamination, etc.)

Long term

> Fully fleshed out Klingon PvE including episodes
> Diplomacy system or at the very least options for many episodes to be solved with diplomacy rather than combat only
> Evolving storyline (e.g. ending the war, new threats arise in the quadrant)