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02-05-2010, 05:51 AM
Originally Posted by Morlen9
While I understand that they do become crutches for people to rely on. I like them because they allow the game developers to make encounters that much harder... Imagine trying to do some raid in certain mmos without addons... they are impossible
But then that forces people to use something they don't want to. Not exactly a good business model. "Welcome to out game. Now go download a bunch of third-party pieces of software that may very well much up your install just do you can complete "raids"."

I, for one, played through almost all raid content in MMOs without the use of a macro or an add-on and I've never had any real issue. As loathe as I am to even bring it up, WoW's use of add-ons is pathetic. Gear Score has become the gimp method to "measure" someone up. Out-of-date add-on versions like Deadly Boss Mods got people kicked from raids. Gripe fests over "Corbonite vs. Quest Helper" were all over.

Again, loathe as I am to bring it up, WoW DID learn from one of the first add-ons, Thottbot, and they added several of the features in-game with no need for third-party coding. That I am fine with, junk from someone other than the devs, not so much. Hell, I even hate macros, but I am odd that way.