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02-05-2010, 07:04 AM
Nice work, indeed.

As for torpedoes:

Torpedoes are UNNAFECTED by power setup (firing at minimum weapon power lvl will cause as much damage as firing at max weapon power lvl). Don't remember were i read it, and it empirically seems it is the case as far as i can tell ( currently running a T3 missile boat/broadside beam sci ship and being a "rear torpedo" guy since T1 - I alway loved burst damage in MMOs, but thats another story - ).

I also noticed that range doesnt seems to affect the torpedo damage. It seems that torpedos miss as often at long range than at short range, and torpedoes DO miss often: make me bump on the thread that the "accuracy" stat of a weap (wich is currently hidden to us) seems to be very important for a torpedo launcher, but i didnt make any tests about this last statement yet...