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02-05-2010, 07:07 AM
This is from the OP....

Originally Posted by Mariel_Martog
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Then add a vendor on Memory Alpha and on Qo'noS. This vendor for a slight fee and some resources would color a single weapon a single color based on the Hue scale. Since the powers are tied to the Weapons and the BOs this could be done rather easy and it would keep the customization ability and keep it with in lore.
I'm sorry but, how does this keep it within lore?

And yes, the original Enterprise had multi-coloured phasers. However, every single series after that (and lets be fair, there is a hell of a lot more Trek after TOS) Phaseers were Orange.

Also, you solution doesn't work for the people, like me, who simply don't want to see Pink/Purple/Whatever colour Phasers. You will still have the ability to fly around shooting your pink pew pewers, only different would be that you had to pay (using fictional money!) to have them.