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02-05-2010, 07:09 AM
I only have long term hopes for this game

Bridge: I want the bridge to actually have a function, I want the UI integrated into your bridge as an option and use it to navigate sector space.

Missions: I want the missions to be much more than, scan this... destroy this... Why is it that the solution to every problem is to eliminate it with your weapons? That isn't what being a starfleet captain is about. Points should be awarded to resolving missions without conflict too. OR just disabling ships rather than destroying them??

Voice acting: the gaming experience would be greatly enhanced with at least the mission givers having a voice.

Ship customization: This is sadly limited compared to character customization. It would be nice if equipment actually changed the look of your ship. I would love to see Ship customization on the level of Galactic civilisations II.

Weapons: Starfleet ships with disruptors? Sorry but that doesnt work for me. Disruptors are Romulan and Klingon weapons, they should not be compatible with Federation Tech.

Galaxy Map: The scale of it for me, is far too small, It takes a couple of minutes to get from earth to DS9. That's just silly, it really should take much longer than that IMO and there are far too few planetary systems. More please.

Planet size: IS it really enough for a planet just to have a 2kmx2km tile map to represent it? All i ask for is for the high profile planets to have at least two different towns you can walk between with traders and items for sale you can get nowhere else.