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02-05-2010, 07:18 AM
mmh few errors,

I found some small errors in your fleet chart though..

excelsior class 467m
excelsior class refit 469-470m
steamrunner 310m(some say 330)
norway too
nebula soms say 452m but that doesn't matter could be 440
saber class 180m
centaur class is a difficult one, some say 180 some say 250 and some 425m(excelsior saucer and warpnacelles)

the big stuff, you are gonna doubt, is the constitution class of abram, the st museum says 700+- metres ...

the k'vort is a mystery, some say 300 some say even 600metres!

Srry, i love the charts, just wanna help!

well i copy and paste it now, i wanted to send it in a pm, but the stuff doesn't work, so i'll type it here.