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02-05-2010, 06:19 AM
Originally Posted by MagnusTyrel View Post
I wouldnt mind it if federation ships could do a deflector pulse to give a general direction of the closest cloaked ship (without revealing it) so that science ships or science captains could close to that position and use the proper detection abilities...
Placing a "scan for the direction of the nearest friendly/enemy tachyon signature" (regardless if they are cloaked or not) sensor ability is the answer. Include a cooldown on it to prevent spamming to reveal the location of a close cloaked ship. This should be available for all ships and would also help PvP for grouping your own team in a random group. I don't know where friendly ship are in-system until I get within 50k?!?! Am I just looking out the window with binoculars or something? Even in the Fed PvE missions the science officers chimes in with "I am detecting tachyon emissions from somewhere within that asteroid field. There may be cloaked Bird of Preys there somewhere." Something like this would not change the combat use of cloak.