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Caveat: I have, literally, only been playing for 2 days....

1. Greater documentation; How th'heck do I turn off the *help* indicators? I've no idea and, at this point, it just keeps popping up the same one whenever I click it. Yes, I know, I can just decide not to click it but it's there and bothers me. Also, how do I change *zones*? I happened across it yesterday, but I've slept since then and will have to re-discover it now. By the way: I shouldn't have to buy a "Strategy Guide" just to get the basics of the interface down.
2. Get K7 back.
3. Fix the triggered quest content.
3a. Quest Step #1 = Go to this area and beat up on the Klingons there; Quest Step #2 = beam-down to the planet and do something else. It *should* be that the beam-bown trigger doesn't happen until you've actually sufficiently beat up on the Klingons in the area. Instead, if you fly too close to the planet, the beam-down part of the quest will trigger and *potentially* make it so that you will have to restart the quest in order to complete it.
3b. Communications from triggered quest content (also affects comm. from StarFleet): Make a *communications incoming* indicator come up so that I have the option to ignore an incoming transmission until I've finished whatever it is I'm doing at the moment. The *last* thing I need is some window popping up smack-dab in the middle of my screen while I'm trying to fend off a buncha enemies.
3. Yes, I realize the benefits of Fleets, now quit with the constant communication(s) about it; need an option on the communications like these that will allow for "deal with it later" and no longer have this guy listed in my StarFleet communications.
4. Why do I have to close out my current communication and re-open the listing? Shouldn't there be a *Back* button?
5. Why did I *seemingly randomly*, and suddenly, warp into some battle? Yes, I now know, I got too close to an enemy contact in the form of a ship. He flew toward me and engaged me...I get it. However, I still have the option to disengage from the fight, so why do I *have* to engage at all? Especially considering I'm in a group and my teammates aren't anywhere near me.
6. Instancing in groups = not cool. You don't always end up in the same instance; usually, just not *always*... Now you're stuck on the planet/base with no way to get off until you've gone far enough along to trigger the "beam back to ship" option.
7. I don't care that I'm in the middle of a battle! Don't you see that I'm getting my a** kicked and I need to get th'heck outta here? Fine, I'll take a bit of extra damage while my shields are down (as the warp-drive engages); just to get the chance to run away....
8. Auto-holster your weapons when docking.

Mid-Term: Haven't really been in the game long enough to think of anything mid-tem-ish.

1. Why do I have to fly all the way across the map to be able to warp across a line? Yes, I know, that line actually represents the massive distances needed to get from one sector to another, but....what's the point of having warp-drive if you can't use it to make distances seem shorter. We should be able to warp directly to any adjacent sector, IMO.
2. OMG, the chat! C-L-U-N-K-Y! "/send <character name>@<account name> Hi." Really?...Really?!?!? I'm sure this is to allow for duplicate character names, but c'mon! Who, seriously, needs to know anyone's account name? And, who really wants everyone in the frikkin game to know theirs? They're half-way to hacking my account w/that info...