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02-05-2010, 06:23 AM
Aye, broadsides. In my Cruiser I went 4x Beam Array MK IV's (2 Plasma, 2 Phasers) and always maintained broadside to my enemy and had two EPS Flow Regulators +1.2 in my Eng. Slots. My weapons power was always around 80+ which meant I did heavy damage and wiped out the enemy fast. I've never bothered with resistance modules. The best defense is offense, I say

For my Heavy Cruiser I went for 2 x Beam Array (Plasma, Phaser) and a Quantum Torpedo Launcher up front and 3 x Beam Array (2 Plasma and 1 Phaser) in the rear. Ciricle and broadside all the way, and use powers to quickly turn if I need to. I do on average 500 dmg per phaser hit (+ additional DoT with the Plasma's) which cuts through fairly fast, not to mention the High-yield Torpedo II blast. And as always bring your EPS's