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02-05-2010, 06:24 AM
Originally Posted by Mariel_Martog
there is more then One Orange hue, More then One Green Hue, in fact there are many, there is room in lore to allow hue changes based on technological upgrades.

I quote myself
To be fair... I didn't read you're later posts in this thread and only skim-read the OP.

I assumed, wrongly, that you were a troll; ranting about the powerhue command being removed.

You do make some good points and I think the 10-or-so variant Orange colours for Phasers system certainly has merit.

However, as another poster in this thread as already said....

Originally Posted by St.Sinner
No, I read your entire post. That is my well thought out response.

I have already stated for the record that I don't care if people wish to change their own colors as long as when I see them, it is the default colors. I care less what happens on your screen, but I care much more about what I'm subjected to on mine.
The problem is, people are selfish. I, for one, included.

I simply don't care how useful it was for other people when PVP'ing or in Fleets. I don't care if some people were using it as a plus or a con during space fights.

What I do care about, is Star Trek. I am playing this MMO because it is a Star Trek MMO (I lasted no longer than a week in WOW as I couldn't care less about my characters nor the Fantasy-world it was set in). And to me, IMO, customisable colours for weapons is a deal-breaker. In all the shows (post TOS) and in all the alternate futures etc etc. Phasers were Orange.Removing this from the game, to me, would make the game more like a geric Sci-Fi space based MMO and less like a Star Trek MMO.