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Not when you get boarded by NPC's - I'd guess that is a different version. I just got it to goof around with it. I know from reading its suppose to basically send some of your guys over there (I don't know if they can get thru shields, I assumed they could), and your BP's muck things up effectively. No fixed action taken, they try to do whatever. In short it randomizes stuff like killing some crew, lowering power levels, and rarely disabling systems.

Course... thats all theory - cause from what I have read, and little I have seen, there really is zero feedback on what your BPs are doing. I'm sure they suck compared to just blowing someone up (unless you get a lucky roll on what they do), but I'd still like to use them for the coolness factor! I'd just like to know do they suck sooooo badly that they effectively do nothing, or are they even slightly worth it.