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02-05-2010, 07:36 AM
Originally Posted by Joda1984
The problem is, people are selfish. I, for one, included.

I simply don't care how useful it was for other people when PVP'ing or in Fleets. I don't care if some people were using it as a plus or a con during space fights.

What I do care about, is Star Trek. I am playing this MMO because it is a Star Trek MMO (I lasted no longer than a week in WOW as I couldn't care less about my characters nor the Fantasy-world it was set in). And to me, IMO, customisable colours for weapons is a deal-breaker. In all the shows (post TOS) and in all the alternate futures etc etc. Phasers were Orange.Removing this from the game, to me, would make the game more like a geric Sci-Fi space based MMO and less like a Star Trek MMO.
And my issue with that is best summed up with...

in the history of Trek the producers and writers have often made it up as they go with no basies in anything, the colors they used where intended to be distinct and give perspective as to who was firing what.

enter STO, and I can't figure out who I am Shooting at because I am using the Same beams as the 20 others playing in the same zone battling each other.

And since I base my weapons choice from the stat line this will always be the case unless I can make a change to it, how much of a change, Green can have over 40 possible hues based on the 360 hue chart