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02-05-2010, 06:36 AM
With the latest patch i feel some of the individuality of the game has been taken away. Yes i do feel that there needs to be some originality to the game, yes i know some people will cry either way you place it, but at the end of the day (as an art major) i feel just as someone can change the color of their house lights or simply have christmas lights up all year round it is their choice and it should be ours to have a color hue change if we want it.

And to all you (well there will be weapons out there with different colors) i dont feel i should have to pay honkin wads of energy to some ***** who wants to charge 20 times the real value of the items just cause its deep purple.

This change has made me irritated because that cheer has been taken away from the game for me to be an indi vidual and forced me to conform to a sad minority. Yes there will be people on either sides that say they just wanna play the game, have fun, and not care. I would simply like to have the option to be me. Now thats not saying there is gonna be that one person flying around in the USS Skittles shouting taste the rainbow as he pelts your ship with a plethera of colors from different beams and colors. But hey, if we all where the same wouldnt that make things boring?

To any art devs out there who have their individuality left intact i ask you this! If your pallet was was a canvas of nothing more than Yellow, Red, Blue, and black and you where never allowed to mix your paint and forced to stay in the lines all the time ... would art be as rich and wonderus as it is today?

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