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02-05-2010, 06:36 AM
I like the idea of knowing roughly where they are but not exactly where they are... Maybe highlighting a 50k sphere at 30-40k? Your not removing the cloak, You may know roughly where they are coming from but not exactly where they are.

As long as its a science Boff ability on say a 5min - 4min (rank 9) cooldown? You'd only be able to get one ping a minute (okay every 50sec) in that scenario with 5 players all having it.

Currently i think the fed-ball is too lazy to move in 5 v 5 because theres no real point to moving it anywhere other than the map centre and waiting.
Finding the Klingons is too much effort. Basically its high risk/high reward trying to find the Klingons, you have to be lucky and they have to be not paying attention, but if you find them one goes down instantly. Its high risk because you can be strung out and picked off. Its very easy for klingons to avoid a detection pattern (stay outside 15k) and it takes a long time to chug round the map with engines at 50.
Moving the fedball to the centre of the map is the high percentage success option. Easier to co-ordinate and more likely to force a confrontation. One side will not engage unless it has an advantage, and only Klingons have the ability to determine when a confrontation occurs.

Simple solution is for fed players to move to objective based maps if they are unhappy in DM PvP... Its more fun because both sides are forced to act.

I must caveat ive only just got to tier 2 Klingon PvP.