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Originally Posted by ajac09 View Post
My take on combat this is for noobs so everyone throw in your 2 cents:


Get behind them use up their shield energy with your energy weapons then taken out with photons they are less armed to the ass

Deadly in groups when you encouter the 3 or more take one out asap and break the rest apart so they concentrate on several shields not just one.

NEVER broadside with one you will loose. Go for a front or back shot. Use torps to wear down shields and to finish them off.

Just my 1 cent for tonight flame away if you must but this has helped me since day 1.
hmm you should have said for wich kind of playership is this small guide good for...

If you say NEVER broadside with a battleship, you mean if you are in an escort right?
If you're sitting in an cruiser/heayv cruiser etc. you can broadside to keep the enemies shields down, when your torp is ready, turn a little bit out of the circle and fire your rear torps (with Torped Yield I or II its more efficient) and imidiately turn back to get all your phasers firing at the enemy so you keep its shields down again,l its very very simple and it works.

With escorts, keep yourself away from the enemy forward and backward firing arc and keep firing at its side, its good to use tractor beam to keep him where you want him too, or to use tachyon beam for your initial attack run too.