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02-05-2010, 06:43 AM
Originally Posted by Pep_Cat View Post
They did the same sort of Chat window with Champions, too, which is odd, since Cryptic's first game, City of Heroes, not only has a split chat window (chat on bottom, combat spam and system messages on top), but you can create new windows too... and that was when Cryptic was still working on the game. >_>;;
It's not odd when you consider that STO uses the same game engine as Champions Online.

I'm guessing here, but I *THINK* that this same game engine is just an updated/reworked version of the CoH game engine. Basically, they started working on it with CoH, then once CoH/CoV was out I'm guessing they tore out a lot of its guts and reworked the framework/tools/graphics engine before putting it back together again to build Champions Online/STO. As I said, just a guess...but I relaly don't believe I am too far off the mark where that is concerned.

In either case, they need to provide more social/chat/voicechat options. Period. It's a must-have.