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02-05-2010, 06:50 AM
Originally Posted by Joda1984
The only problem with a stereotypical Modern English ship (I'm English, Britain can go dance!) would mean that we end up with Adiddas Phaser Relays, Security Officers wearing hoodies and unable to pronounce their vowels all the while the the USS Chav gets captained by "Lt. Mercedes Number-13-Bus".

I, for one, welcome our new ASBO Ambassadors.
Don't forget the change of all sidearms to be swapped to knives, the special ability to "Use Communicator to Call Mates" which beams in 100 Hooded Security Officers and new missions such as "Klingon Mugging" and "Bajoran Beating"

Let's not forget Starbase 1 being changed internally to have 600 Takeaways that all of the Officers can stand outside with the new "Lean Against Wall" emote, plus obviously PvP would need to be changed so you can go after anyone who was "dissing" you.

Ah now that would make STO feel like home.

That aside on a little more serious note, anyone think they could stop all of the whiners about the colours really easily by disabling the PowerHue command but including a "Gas" slot on the Phasers / Torpedos that would alter the colours. I mean those pro-colours people would get what they want, and the Lore-Nazis would have the colours added in a believeable mannor as not to upset the lore of the game.

You'd still get a few whingers but meh, atleast it'd be a compromise that'd stop them building up larger groups of complainers.

This all said, with the recent sets of posts on here I think it's about time someone posted this again...

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