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Hey I was wondering, does anyone remember Star Trek Klingon and Borg? They were these awesome fmv based games back in the late 90's. They were produced like an episode or movie with the Star Trek sets and actors from the series.

In Klingon you played as a federation officer playing a holo simulation by Gowron that will teach you about klingons. In the simulation you are a young klingon whos father is assasinated. You then set out for revenge alongside Gowron.

In Borg, you play a federation officer on his first day on the Enterprise D. Your father was killed at wolf 359 and now the borg are back and you want to fight them. Suddenly Q appears, and offers to send you back to the battle of wolf 359 and place you in the shoes of your fathers friend who was killed at the outset of the battle. You survive, and begin changing history. Very cool, very funny and one of my favorite perfomaces from John de Lancie.

So does anyone remember these? And more importantly, has anyone gotten them working on newer pc's? Ive been trying for years with no success. Im actually considering digging the old win 95 macine (the only one they ever worked on) out of my basement and cleaning it up just to play them again!