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02-05-2010, 07:00 AM
Sprinting is a little weird in this game. I think I prefer the method used by World War II Online: you have a sort of "exhaustion meter" that pops up when you sprint. Sprinting drains it fast, but only for as long as you sprint. If you stop sprinting it will slowly (slowly!) recharge.

I don't have a particular problem with the way they do it now, but it is kind of silly that I can only sprint for about 10 seconds and then I have to wait 10 seconds to sprint again.

Incidentally, my "50% reduction" was kind of arbitrary. I guess what we really need to ask is what kind of bonus it's currently applying. I'm thinking it's around 200% damage? That is, a shot that normally hits for 200 would exploit for 400? Maybe it's more like 300% though.

I'm thinking it should be closer to... 150% damage? I've shot people in the face, non-crit, T2 for over 300 damage, so if exploit was "only" 150% damage that would be a 450 damage hit to the face. Not enough to one-shot a full health opponent, but a hard hit.

I do think the hit should expend it, though. The teamwork component is that after you get a big hit on someone, it's up to your teammates to follow it up and finish the target off. Even though he's not exposed anymore, a regular sniper shot will probably finish him.

I do like the "expose/exploit" concept, I just think it needs to be cut back a bit. That would also help buffs and debuffs play a bigger role. As it stands, all the buffs in the world won't save you from a flanking exploit vaporization.