Thread: Game Confusion.
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02-05-2010, 08:00 AM
You make plenty of energy (the currency) in missions and from selling stuff. It starts slow but it seems to pick up after a while.

Also, when possible sell your stuff to a merchant in a space station (e.g. spacedock at Sol system). They offer the most for your item. Your replicator offers less, but of course it's way more convenient. Passing Ferengi merchants seem to offer the poorest amounts (but check them for purchasing cool weapons and such).

As for "sneaking," as far as I can tell if I can stay more than 10 km from them at all times they will usually ignore me. Once I get within 10km, the jig is up.

Finally, as for what items are truly better than others I can't really say. In a straight apples-to-apples comparison, a Mk. II is better than a Mk. I item, so that's easy to figure out. But then some things have a %-based stat while others have a fixed number stat. I'm still trying to sort that out as it seems situationally dependant.

And the science consoles and deflectors are a plain mystery to me. Most of the bonuses don't mean anything to me yet so I don't know when I have a great vs. "ok" item in my inventory. When I doubt, I toss it in the bank and search the forms.