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Originally Posted by Intrepidox View Post
I can't say for 100% sure but I think only the +damage buff tribbles can produce the +regen buff tribbles and the generic striped/spotty tribbles can only produce the +damage buff ones. feeding them replicator food doesn't seem to work very well you need to give them food that is dropped from missions.
You can breed Regen Buff tribbles from Tuffli's (probably others too but these are the only one's i've done it with so far.

Bajoran Moba Fruit = Henry (health regen)
Chateau Picard = Henry (health regen)
Tulaberry = Henry (health regen)
Flaked Blood Fleas = McCarry (damage buff)
Ratamba Stew = Jasperson (damage buff)
Vulcan Plomeek Soup = Jasperson (damage buff)
Ferengi Jellied Gree-Worm = Nix (damage resist)
Field Rations = Nix (damage resist)
Klingon Gagh = Nix (damage resist)
Klingon Racht = Nix (damage resist)
Slug-O-Cola = Nix (damage resist)

Bloodwin = Jasperson (damage buff)

Chateau Picard = Deangelo (health regen)
Slug-O-Cola = Cavallaro (damage buff)

Klingon Gadst = Ricossa