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02-05-2010, 07:37 AM
If you are replying or commenting on a post, reply to the post. We don't need this kind of AGD. I can assure you that whatever you think you have to say is not profound enough to warrant the disruption. If everyone did that, these forums would be unreadable.

Again, the problem with fed dps ships is they were cannon ships until feds cried and devs nerfed cannons ostensibly to nerf kdf. The result was just the opposite, and made cannons only usable by kdf because of the tiny hitbox that cannons now have.

This is because the beta fed players were mostly terribad, and the devs were listening. If you feds want to be able to compete with your dps ships, you need to have the range on cannons extended again so that you can hit things with your escorts.

Also, gear quality (white-purple) has different impact on different types of gear. Higher quality consoles and shields make a huge difference, where higher quality weapons tend to be a marginal difference.