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02-05-2010, 07:45 AM
For all that it's not Canon (and I won't argue that one bit, it's not canon just official) it does an excellent job of fitting what it has done into the canon.

The Constitutions can be written off as "Yeah, there's about 3 wars going on, lets get every spaceframe we can find and put new technology in it." And the variety of available weapons can be put down to the Federation's supposedly closer ties to the Ferengi. (cause reallly, if you're looking for a gun, who you gonna call?"

I believe if you talk to someone in Spacedock he'll give you some explanation of why/how you're able to do the mix and match thing (and frankly I'm quite happy that's there, some of those ships are fugly), and for the uniforms, we have some precedence for different officers wearing different uniforms. Kirk's green wrap-around, Scotty in his utility vest during the movies, Troi in, you know, anything.

Now, I've taken it to mean that every ship has been authorised to have a different uniform, which there's also historical precedence for to a certain extent. During TOS the iconic badge of starfleet wasn't. Every ship had it's own badge, that just happened to be the Enterprise, than if a given officer is wearing something else that's at the captain's discretion (i.e. Troi)