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02-05-2010, 07:46 AM
I'm not a developer so I have no idea how long my 'most wanted' would take to implement but here they are any way:

1: Use the starship and its bridge - I want to explore my ship, have other captains over, chart a course from the bridge while sitting in the big chair and save my ship from intruders - I also want to be able to beam over to fellow captain's bridges.

2: Sensors that are worth having - I want my sensors to be more than anomolie finding gadgets. My sensors should point me in the direction of the nearest Klingon Life sign or Gorn energy signature. They should also (as a minimum) be able to tell me about the planet or location I have beamed to or the sector of space I am in.

3: More diplomatic missions = more like trek. And I dont mean run back and forth between two guys fro 20 minutes asking questions. There must be some way to incorporate actual GAMEPLAY into diplomatic or exploration missions?

These are a wish list, likeing the game a great deal so far and can be patient for the improvements (like we've had to be for all other mmos).